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Shortcake Gets The Boot

Day 80

Sunday June 11, 2017

Miles: 828 - 842.8    Completed 14.8

Time: 7:18am - 6pm

Weather: Very Hot, 90's 

Tenting in a field 

We had another huge climb today but that wasn't until after we hiked out to the car. We had a nice easy downhill warm up first.

It was nice camping with Bruce. I miss him even though he joins us almost every weekend. He is so much fun to be around. Even though he is usually so excited to be on the weekend and hiking and Shortcake and I are usually tired and would like to get off the trail. It's an amusing match up. 

At the car we emptied our packs of anything not necessary for the remainder of the day and hiked out. Bruce drove the bat mobile around to the ending point and would again hike south to meet us. He had chores to do before he could have fun.

It was another huge climb after we headed out. We went up for six miles. We rested every hour and we could have done so every 30 minutes. Like most things in life when there is great effort there tends to be great rewards. The views we had each hour were incredible. I know I use that adjective often, but it's true. We just can't get over how awesome and amazing the scenery is. 

One of these days I am going to throw away our mileage agenda, set up camp at one of these overlooks and call it a day. 

We finally managed to hobble our way to the car. We arrived at 6pm. We weren't down though. It was resupply time. Batman had all our stuff in the car and we sat on the curb adding food, wipes, tissues, swapping out clothing, and etc. poor Shortcake had to add one more piece. Up until now we have been sharing a tent but with the exception of a few nights this week it has been hot so I gave her the boot and kicked her out of my tent. Not of any wrong doing on her part. I am just too hot at night and can't stand the hot mess of two bodies in the tent with hot smelly clothes and gear. I'll have to deal with it when Batman joins me. And he is going to get the boot also if he doesn't quit farting in it. So Shortcake has her own tent now. 

Happy Hiking. 

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