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What The Heck Are We Supposed To Do Without Batman

Day 108

Sunday July 9, 2017

Miles: 1180.9 - 1193.7    Completed: 12.8

Time: 7:03am - 2:28pm

Weather: Sunny and Comfy

Our vacation is over. We left the hotel this morning with our fully loaded packs and headed north. This time we were not met part way through the day by Bruce hiking in south. No smiling face to greet us and pick up our tired spirits. 

I will admit the first half of the hike was difficult as we readjusted to the weight of our packs. It had been two weeks of slackpacking. BB didn't skip a beat. She set off and we did t see her again until we caught up at the end of the day. They don't call her the King for nothing. Shortcake and I took a little longer. The 1000 foot climb was a shock to our refreshed and relaxed bodies. It was at that point we said "What the heck are we going to do without Batman". How dare he leave us to actually hike this trail like all the other hikers with our full packs. 

We managed and after our lunch break we were back to cruising like our load was empty. We barely noticed it. We made it to our destination and there we found BB. She was waiting at the road enjoying a stash of trail magic by two wonderful gentlemen, Applejacks and Don Gauntlet. Each man had come solo to provide goodies for hikers. It was wonderful. We filled our tummies with cold beverages and snacks while we waited for our ride. 

Our vacation of slack packing may be over but our glamping isn't done just yet. A friend of mine runs a Girl Scout camp and we are spending the night at the camp with 145 campers and councilors. We had a wonderful swim, a tour of the facilities, they feed us supper and we got to talk at the campfire about our hike with a Q&A afterwards. Best part is we get to sleep in the tree house cabins. No tent again tonight. We will zero here. 

Thanks Michelle and staff for having us. 

Happy Hiking

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