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The World Is Our Playground

Day 115

Sunday July 16, 2017

Miles: 1252.4 - 1262.7    Completed: 10.3

Weather: Sunny and hot

Hotel at Residence Inn

The world is our playground and today we had an all day pass to unlimited climbing. Almost unlimited. Time was not on our hand. We had short miles planned so we took our time climbing Blue Mountain in PA. We spend so many days in a green tunnel of the forest it was fun to be on the open rocks high above the road below. 

We hiked from the ridge on the far right, down through the power line Swartz, then across the bridge and up to the spot where the above pic was taken. 



Shortcake and Black Bear

We had so much fun climbing this short rock pile. It's the site of a deforestation caused zinc smelting from 1898-1980. The area is now part of a superfund project to help the revegetation. Not sure what took place for that to happen but it's name says it cost a lot of money. 

Despite the heat we were all smiles. The rewards of today is why is why to never give up on a bad day. It's important to stay the course and push through the pain of rough days in life because eventually it will pass and great times will be had. 

Happy Hiking. 

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