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Patience Is The Key

Day 125

Wednesday July 26, 2017

Miles: 1350.4 - 1362.1    Completed: 11.7

Time: 6:35am - 2:00pm

Weather: Partly cloudy, cooler, cloudy

One could not have asked for a better day to be on the trail. If only I would heed my own advice. Patience is the key. It seems like I get to a point where I can only handle so much yuck before I have a melt down. Hence my blog  a couple days ago. If only I would stop, take a deep breathe, and hang on just little longer all will change. 

In our short 11.7 miles today we saw everything. The trail was easy and gentle at times with no grade. It was a roller coaster with sharp ups and downs with rocky ascents. 

There were boardwalks, suspension 

bridges and planked sections. Road walks, meadows, marshes, and pastures. 

 The only thing we didn't have was rain and bugs. The last two were a gift. 

It is so easy to have an attitude of gratitude when all is well. It's another to keep the head in check when the frown is upside down. It's those later times I struggle and I need to remember to be patient because all struggles eventually end. The flip side is all good things come to end also. The good and bad are just like the weather in Maine. If you wait long enough it will change.

Patience has never been one of my finer attributes but the trail has been teaching me it's value. I do freak out less and panic hardly ever now. I still have my moments. Shortcake and Batman can attest to that but life is about learning and growing to be the best that we possible can be. If that means I need to struggle more then so be it. It's through the pain and anguish we grow the most. 

I don't write all this to be preachy. I write it because I myself need to hear it. If I can help one person along with helping myself then we both have grown. 

On this perfect day my I remember this joy so when my smile starts to dip I can remember to be patient because "this too shall pass."

Happy Hiking. 

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