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No Im Not Sick, It's Just Hot

Day 130

Monday July 31, 2017

Miles: 1402.9 - 1410.2    Completed: 7.6

Weather: Hot as H***

I was feeling aweful again today wondering if I could finish our short 7.6 mile day. As we walked through the Trailside Museum/zoo I was feeling ill and developed a headache. 

I had to stop us every half hour or so to rest and drink. By the time we arrived at the shelter Batman retrieved the car and noticed the temp was 103. So, no I wasn't sick, it's just hot. Each time the mercury has reached almost triple digits I have been ill. Ugh!!!

A fun day. We crossed the Hudson River. 

Walked through a zoo with the lowest elevation on the trail being at the bear enclosure at only 177 feet. 

I am officially caught up on my blog after this post and all before it's dark. But not much time to spare. The sun is setting and I must gather my gear before there is no light left. 

Tomorrow is a full day and we are anxious to keep trekking north. 

Happy Hiking. 

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