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Hikers Unite At Greylock

Day 145

Tuesday August 15, 2017

Miles: 1575.2 - 1585.9    Completed: 10.7

Time: 8:03am - 3:40pm

Weather: Rained overnight, cloudy and humid 

Our 6:00am alarm was ignored as the rain pounding on our tents rang louder. We were not about to start the day wet. At least I wasn't going to. But poor shortcake unknowingly was sleeping in a puddle. She was unaware of this fact because the two inches of elevation provided by her air mattress kept her afloat but most of her gear was wet.

It rained just long enough to soak the trail. The weather forecast for the day was promising with temps in the mid 70's. Finally a respite from the heat. Then I read the humidity factor, 94%. That guaranteed that none of our gear should have a chance to dry today.

It was a fun day of hiking even with the soggy morning and drizzly trail. We finally had a climb over 3,000 feet. Our day ended at Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts's highest peak. There is a lodge here that we have decided to rent a bunk at.

Several other hikers have stopped in for their dinner. They will be continuing on but it looks like hikers unite at Greylock. The sun has burned through the overcast sky slightly. Just enough combined with the breeze. We have taken over all the picnic tables and part of the grounds drying gear and eating. 

Once our chores are done Shortcake and I will head inside for a shower and clean bunk while our new hiking friends head north to the next shelter. We may or may not see them again. 

Happy Hiking. 

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