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Off Trail For Awhile

Day 166 Tuesday 5 September Zeroing at home Dad was glad to be home yesterday after his two week hospital stay. He has never liked being locked up in a stale room confined to a bed. Even if it was for healing. It wasn’t long before we received a call from my brother and sister to come back to the house to help with dad. He was having trouble. Back to the ER we all went. This time we promised not to transfer him to the city hospital. He wanted to stay at his hometown facility. 

It was so hard but we honored his wishes. Dad has been through a lot the last few years with his declining health and he confided in us he had “had enough”. The doctor was clear and frank in his explanation of the risks. But it was Dad’s decision and we supported him as Becky, Buddy and I held back the tears. We informed the rest of our siblings and we all prepared for losing our father.

One can never really prepare for such a loss. Time seems to speed up as you cling to every available second. Life seems to take on a greater meaning and the little things fade into the background allowing you to focus on what really matters. 

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