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We Love Maine

Day 191

Saturday September 30, 2017

Miles: 1922.6 - 1932.9 Completed: 10.3

Time: 6:18am - 3.31pm

Weather: Sunny and cool but not cold

Maine is so pretty!!! I am not sure if it’s my favorite state because it’s home, if because it’s the last state, or if because it is just truly amazing!

The terrain has kicked us in the butt and our first night in here the temps dropped below freezing but we still love this state.

The climbs seem to go on and on and the drops are bottomless. There are more rocks here in New England then Pennsylvania ever dreamed of. But we keep going. I feel like I’ve aged 20 years. My body aches all over. When I get done I will visit my Chiropractor's, Dr. Dan and Dr. Rob and say “Fix me”.

Maine’s peaks are breathtaking. No matter which direction you look one is almost guaranteed to see a body of water or several bodies of water, endless trees, and far off peaked to be claimed. What you seldom see is signs of civilization.

Unfortunately, we spend little time at the top. It’s either too cold or too windy.

We are in Andover, Maine right now having a hot meal at a cute diner, The Little Red Hen. It’s a great place to dine if you find yourself in these neck of the woods. Especially Saturday, AYCE (all you can eat) Italian buffet.

Afterwards we will head back to our tents at the trailhead for another brisk night in the Maine Woods.

Happy Hiking.

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