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No, NO, NO!!!

Day 195

Wednesday October 4, 2017

Miles: 1971.2 - 1982.9 Completed: 11.7

Time: 6:17am - 4pm

Weather: Hot and windy

Tenting by Oberton Stream

It was another lovely hike in Maine today. The morning started out warmer then the past few. It was a sweat through your clothes kind of day then freeze when you stop because it was so windy. That meant lots of time spent adding and removing layers depending on the intensity of the hike at the moment. It's just one of those tedious tasks we must do. Dress warm to start or tough it out until the heart rate gets up. I don't like to tough it out so I dress warm in the morning then about 15 -45 minutes into the hike I need to stop for removal of the first layer. On a warm day like today I shed clothes soon. But it was gusty all day so the layers went back on once they dried out when we took our breaks.

Saddleback Mountain, The Horn, and Saddleback Junior, were on the agenda today. It was spectacular. We were above tree line for most of it, dipping in and out of the evergreens as we traversed the peaks. The open ledge walking of Maine's mountains is so enjoyable. It's almost like being on pavement. Not that I want it to be asphalt, it's just the smoother surface allows me to concentrate less on where I place my feet allowing me to look around.

There is always something interesting to see when I don't have to look at where I am going.


I was having a great time today. I hiked in front. I usually take the back and let Shortcake lead. Today I wanted to stretch me legs some. At least once a week or so I'll take the front. It gives me a chance to stretch me legs since my gate is a little bit longer than Shortcake's. It hurts me to modify my hiking style for too long. So today I was lead dog but always kept her in eye or ear range, so I thought.

Most of the day Shortcake was quiet. This isn't unusual for her nature but today I sensed something different. When we'd stop for breaks I tried striking up conversations. Words were short and to the point. So I let her be. After a morning of silence I did hike on for the rest of the afternoon. I was tired of being ignored and didn't know why. That was not the right thing to do but I did it anyways.

I arrived at the day's destination, a wonderful flat spot on an old woods road next to a stream. I was almost set up when Shortcake arrived. I was so glad to see her. I'd had a great day and was anxious to see how she was doing. Since I was feeling great physically, I wanted to assist with her day's end chores. She'd been acting differently this morning, I thought maybe she was tired and sore and could use a helping hand.

She was livid! She did not want to speak with me and when I tried to explain my side all she did was yell, "No, NO, NO!!!" She was so upset with me because I hiked ahead. Instead of staying and talking things out she hiked on. I have no idea where or how far she went. She made it perfectly clear she wanted to be left alone.

I was flabbergasted! A wonderful day of hiking was just tainted by a lack of communication. Earlier in the day she didn't share with me what was bother her. Then I was frustrated with her silence and didn't communicate that either. After I finished setting up my tent I sat down and cried until I was too exhausted to cry any more. I didn't know what to do. Should I pack up and meet her? But it was getting dark. Should I text her hoping there is service? Will she be okay? Will I be okay? I chose to stay put. I didn't want to be setting up in the dark alone incase I didn't catch up to her. So I sit here in my tent trying to fall asleep, worrying about my friend as more tears stream down my face.

Happy Hiking.

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