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Black Bear Where Are You?

Day 204

Friday October 13, 2017

Miles: 2078.6 - 2089.5 Completed: 10.9

Time: 6:47am - 4Pm

Weather: Sunny and cool

Temperatures are consistently getting cooling. They were below freezing again last night. It's a nice relief. Cold nights make for great sleeping and with the aid of air activated hand warmers packing up in the chilly morning is manageable.

It was another beautiful day of hiking in the Maine woods. There was water,

endless clear blue skies,

Hardwood forests,

a bit of history.

and a finally I was able to capture a photo of a squirrel. They are pesky little critters. They never pause long enough to be caught on camera. I was lucky to get this furry tail even if it is a little blurry from the zoom.

I almost lost my Shortcake today. I stopped to delayer and while I did I noticed there was cell service so I contacted Batman to confirm our meet up location and approximate time. After I was done I continued on to catch up to my friend. I usually do so within a short time. I often pause briefly to tend to miscellaneous needs then catch back up. Today it seemed to take longer than normal. I assumed my timeout was longer than I had thought. I just hiked faster and harder to meet back up with Shortcake. Wow!!! She must have kicked it into high gear, so I sped up even more. Still no Shortcake! It was well past our regular break time and I had already gone by several spots that would have been ideal for a break. Now I was concerned. I should have reached her and I know she would not have resisted the temptation to rest at those ideal areas. I decided to sit and take a break. I needed rest and food before I could continue. While I was sitting in the trail on a root I thought I heard something but the crows were squawking and dismissed it. Now I had a delimma, do I go back or continue forward? Just then my decision was made for me. Way, way off in the distance I faintly heard, "Black Bear, where are you?" It was Shortcake calling to me. She had taken a wrong turn. I had passed her and didn't know it. She knew I was in front because she saw me but due to the mossy forest and rollercoaster terrain I could not hear her calling out for the last couple hours. That was a little scary. It's comical now at the end of the day. I was flying trying to catch her not knowing I was ahead and she was cruising trying to catch up to me.

It's always something new on the trail to overcome.

Happy Hiking.

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