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The Hundred Mile Wilderness

Day 203

Thursday October 12, 2017

Miles: 2066.3 - 2078.6 Completed: 12.3

Time: 6:11am - 4:00pm

Weather: Below freezing start, sunny and cool

Tenting at Leeman Brook Lean-to

We have entered the last major section and probably the most logistically challenging for most thru hikers, The Hundred Mile Wilderness.

Shortcake and Black Bear entering the 100 Mile Wilderness.

The majority of thru hikers stop in Monson, Maine for one last chance of civilization for rest and resupply. It's where the 100 Mile Wilderness begins. From there until exiting Baxter State Park there are no stores. Hikers must carry all their food for the 100 miles plus another two days (20 miles) worth to get them from the end of the 100 miles, through Baxter, up and down Katahdin. With advances in technology and increased private services hikers can schedule food drops. They usually do this while in Monson. Shortcake and I have Batman so we were able to skip Monson and continue right across Route 15. We will resupply the next day at a predetermined place easily reached by back roads.

Caratunk to Monson is one of my all time favorite sections. It's remote and also easy. The forests are beautiful and low climbs still offer views. I also enjoy the fords. What most people find as irksome I tend to enjoy. I delight in doing the abstract. Today we had another ford. We were able to circumvent it with our shoes on but yesterday's we were not as lucky.

Shortcake and yesterday's ford

Shortcake and today's ford

A ford is when we have to cross a stream. It requires the removal of footwear if you want to keep them dry. Sometimes there is a rope to assist the hiker with balance or a swiftly moving current. Instead of dreading the task as a time sucker, I look at it as a chance to soak my tired feet in the cool waters. It also is a nice change of pace. I try hard to look at the glass as half full but as I add years to my youth I am discovering that not everyone appreciates my positivity. Infact, sometimes it has actually caused disagreements. That I don't understand and never will. How can someone be upset with me for being too positive? I won't let that discourage me though. I will always have a full glass. Even when its void of liquid it will be full or air.

Happy Hiking.

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