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Breaking Trail

Morning hikes are an awesome way to start the day, especially on a day like today when the sun shines through the trees and dances across the snow crystals like a field of diamonds. The value in this exceeds any gem you can purchase.

As the crisp cool air filled my lungs I trudged along. The first part of my snowshoe trek was a breeze. I followed the trail Hubby, puppy and I took yesterday. Soon I was breaking trail and it was more difficult.

The snow was deep and my snowshoes did little to keep me from sinking into the fresh powder. Each step was one in a beautiful scene from a NatGeo film. I huffed and puffed over the terrain and barely notice how hard I was working. I wanted to go on but I came to a stream and was unable to cross. I reluctantly turned around, saddend I had to cut my hike short.

The return trip was a piece of cake. I no longer had to fight against the snow's depth since I was retracing my tracks. When I reached the section we had packed down yesterday it was even easier. I hiked effortless on the trail that had already been tread on.

It immediately reminded me how this is true about life. The common and often overused phrase 'the road less traveled' refers to being independent, blazing one's own way in hopes that others may one day be able to follow.

Most references to this metaphor are a positive choice of triumphing over certain challenges while chasing a goal or dream. The traveler goes forth with eagerness and zeal. But this morning as I hiked through the deep snow I thought how taking the road less traveled can be a difficult and lonely one. I don't know why my heart began to ache for all my friends and family who have been afflicted by negative circumstances and or are currently suffering from them. Many have illnesses, lost a loved one, have family trials, are unemployed or underemployed, and the list goes on. I couldn't help but think how hard it must be for them. At times they must feel they are breaking trail trudging deeper into loneliness and despair.

It doesn't have to be that way. When we feel life's burden's are sinking us deeper into the unknown and we think we can't continue, all we have to do is stop, turn around, and seek out our friends who can help pack the trail with us. Once we gather our strength we can go forward on firmer ground and hopefully progress a little further then we were able to go the last time.

The road less traveled can be fulfilling and rewarding when it's a choice. When that road is forced upon us by circumstances beyond our control it can be miserable. It's the latter when blazing your own way is a waste of energy. Seek out those who can help you in one way or another. And if there is no one, then don't feel you have to do it all at once. Advance as far as you can, retreat as needed then head out again. Each time forward will be easier and you'll gain strength in the process which in turn will make breaking new trails less trying.

Sorry if this was a little to deep or down trodden. My heart was on all of you. Know that you are not alone and together we can break trail together.

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