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How To Have A Great Day

Starting new adventures can be very exciting, fun, thrilling, scary, and or challenging all wrapped up at the same time. A few weeks ago I began training for a new position. I was transitioning from a customer service rep at an outlet store to a telephone call customer service agent working from home.

I couldn’t wait to begin this new position. I enjoyed working with customers face to face helping to fill their wishes and my co-workers were the best. I was just getting burned out from the long drive. Working from home had a certain appeal and charm but also brought on a different anxiety and fear. I would be all alone. Yes, there is help at my finger tips as long as I navigate the phone correctly.

A week of training prepared us to be efficient home agents and I had my first shift a couple weeks ago. I had the nervousness as if I was getting ready to play in the biggest soccer match of my life. I thought for sure I was going to lose my cookies. As with soccer, when the starting whistle blows the nausea subsides and so it did when that first call rang. 4 years at the outlet store trained me well. Preparation prevents poor performance.

This week completed my second week with 4 eight hour shifts done. From my point of view I think I did okay. There were a few hiccups as I traversed the learning curve but overall I feel it went well. I had nervousness each morning before I clocked in, so I offered up my fears to God since holding on to those feelings certainly wasn’t going to help. I decided to fake it until I could make it. Each day my anxiousness wained and by the forth day I was feeling more comfortable in my new role.

The second call of the day was a wonderful lady who spoke with a lovingly French or Irish accent. I couldnt tell. Either way she was so sweet. She didnt have her item numbers so we worked together to find the products she wanted to order. It wasnt hard but to her I had just given her the world. As we said goodbye she told me, “May God bless you and touch you.”

I have had people send me Blessings before, but this time with her words, “... and touch you.” I immediately felt this warm presence pass through and over me. WOW!!!! My take away from that was, make being nice, kind, and sincere a normal part of your day and blessings will come your way when least excepted. It’s he best way to have a great day!!!

Go Escape.

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