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Happy New Year

It's almost mid January and I haven't wished you a Happy New Year. Well, shame on me! I have been busy enjoying Christmas, New Year's, and my birthday. Yes, Christmas. I am one of those who keeps the tree up longer and the lights even longer.

Christmas is more than the hustle and bustle of getting the perfect gift for family and friends. I stopped fretting about the secular version of the season years ago and focused on the true meaning of Christmas. Along with that came a very nice benefit. No longer do I suffer from the post holiday blues.

That's not where I intended this post to go though. I truly just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year's and wish all the best for you in 2020. May you forget the resolutions, diets, and life altering plans. Those are all very important but again, try not to fret over it. In a few more weeks most of us will have forgotten what our goals were anyways and or we will have even greater plans or our grand plans will falter. Life is fluid.

Along with getting back to the basics for Christmas I gave up on resolutions, kind of. Instead last year I decided to choose a single word to focus on for the year. I failed miserably with that one also. I decided to keep it again for this year since it was such a good one. I obviously need to work on it. I am not going to share that word with you, it's personal, but I encourage you to find a word of your own. It is way funner (I know that isn't proper) to do than resolutions and can be applied to whatever you choose.

This year will be a fun filled one though. Besides our son marrying his high school sweetheart and I have accepted the 20 in 2020 challenge, my hubby and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in which we are going to go on 30 dates.

My 20 in 2020 challenge is promoted by a group I belong to, Hike Like a Woman. It encourages us to go on and or do 20 adventures in 2020. It can be whatever I deem to be an adventure, grand or small, outdoors, indoors or nothing at all dealing with activity. It can be personal or public. The choice is mine. I love control.

30 dates and 20 challenges sound like a lot, but we are going to make 20 of those dates part of the 20 in 2020 challenge. How exciting! Even after 30 years together we still enjoy spending as much time together as we possibly can.

Whatever this year brings, make it your own. Don't worry about what your FB contacts are posting. Or what Pinterest says is the "in" thing. Or even what grand or not so grand ideas I throw out here. Live in the moment and if that moment isn't the picture perfect setting or luxurious accommodations that Jim or Sally are posting on all their social media sites, it's okay! Instagram, Twitter, and whatever new way of keeping in touch is great but we tend to lose the present moment and also compare ourselves to what others are doing and have. Appreciating where you are currently at.

I did it again. I started down one path and went in a totally different direction. Maybe I should make a map of where I want to go before I start my blog for you. But what fun would that be?

Happy New Year!


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