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The New Form of Currency

Happy Sunday everyone, wishing you all the blessings you desire in this time of isolation. I don't know about you, but Sundays are usually spent going to church and doing family stuff. This will be the third Sunday in a row we have been homebound.

The first two because we didn't have a ride. And today, it was because of the virus. To quote my dear friend Jennifer's Instagram post, "Not going to church WILL save lives. You won't fry in hell or lose your salvation because you stayed home from going to a building with 500 people in it!! STOP GUILT TRIPPING PEOPLE WHO STAY HOME."

I personally believe going to church and celebrating my beliefs with a community of the faithful is vital. We may not be able to gather together but we can still "love thy neighbor". And the best way we can do that is to stay home. But that doesn't mean we have to go without some sort of faithfulness.

In the New American Bible James 2:26 "For just as a body without a spirit is dead, so also is faith without works is dead." So, in this time of not being able to gather at our chosen places of worship let's all get out their and help each other. How, when we are social distancing?

Get creative. Get a list from your church of people who are shut-ins and make calls just to check on them or chat. Donate money to shelters or food pantries. Remember to still send your church your weekly tithings. Give blood, the Red Cross is in high demand right now. If you have a social media platform, make a vow to post only positive, uplifting commentary, there is enough negativity right now. These are just a few ideas. Drop a note in the comments of other ways to show your works and I will repost them.

I know I promised you all some bright and cheery posts and the beginning was a little forthright, but don't give up, just keep reading.

Yesterday, as I was doing a very small and insignificant favor for a neighbor - picking up their trash for the weekly run to the transfer station, I almost died laughing when I stopped at their house. I pulled up to their driveway and jumped out. As I walked to their neatly lined trash bags I noticed an item wrapped in a clear plastic bag sitting on top of the trash. Written in black marker was a simple phrase - "Thank You".

Thank you George and JoAnne for the laugh and for today's material. I do believe you just created the new Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or more like, craptocurrency. We all need a good laugh during this time. They do say, laughter is the best medicine.

So, there is your laugh for the day. Here is some beauty from outside. I won't spoil it with any more words. The pics speak for themselves.

Have a blessed Sunday.


(the sun)

(the sky - okay, I used some words)

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