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Take It To The Bank

Woke up to this.

(View from my pillow)

I heard it was coming. Friends and relatives from out of state sent texts and pictures alerting us to what was headed our way. I refused to believe it.

Just yesterday and the day before we were outside doing minimal spring cleanup. That's what we get for putting away the snowshoes and snowblower. We should have known better. Once can take it to the bank that Maine will have a snow storm or two in March.

It sure is pretty though.

Just a couple days ago I posted a pic of this tall tree with its bare branches reaching towards the crisp blue sky. What a difference.

Hang in there everyone, spring is coming. At least for the next several days temps will be in the 40's (F). That doesn't help the five and half inches of snow piled on my truck. It would just melt if I left it, but I need to go get it serviced today. It is "acting" up and we already have two other vehicles out of commission. Stephen has been renting one to go back and forth to work.

Usually I park in a heated garage, lucky me. But I was a nice Mommie, and let Stephen park inside since he had to leave at 3:00am. I am such a pushover. There is nothing wrong with going that extra mile to help someone. So if I am labeled a pushover - I guess I could be called worse things.

Later today I need to upgrade this site to the "new blog". The website host upgraded their platform several months ago, maybe even a year ago. I am not good with time. As of, I think, April, my "old blog" will not be accessible. You know how I am with technology. If all goes well the process will be seamless and my old posts will merge. Let's hope.

My plan is to make the changes I need, not skip a beat, and be back tomorrow. That is the plan anyway. If I am missing, don't worry, I will eventually resurface. Until then, one last thought....

I know numbers are rising everywhere as COVID-19 spreads. But just like we know spring will come so will the end of this terrible pandemic. Continue to do what you can to prevent its spread and pray for all those affected by this horrible disease. There is power in prayer!


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