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Howdy Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. The weather is changing rapidly this fall. We woke to frosty little crystals on the grass. It looked like a field of diamonds. Pretty, yes, but way too soon! I built our first fire to break the chill. It was 54 degrees inside, great for sleeping, but that's about it. Facebook showed us that last year on this date, we were on a dinner cruise around the lake with our neighbors in their boat. That won't be taking place today.

I didn't get any hiking or anything else adventerous in this past week, but I did talk about it a lot with my editor on my next book, a journalist, and at this weekend's book signing. I know it's not the same thing but it was the best I could do. It kept my head in the game as one of my coaches used to say.

Today is going to be short. I really want to make a commitment to blogging at least once a week and Monday seems to be a great fit for me. If you remember a while back I talked about my chore chart and Monday's are for house cleaning. That's no fun! The cleaning can get done when there is nothing else to do.

A thought has been in my brain off and on for a while. And it resurfaced when Lisa and Laura, my very talented artists were up for last week's book signing. If you have seen my book, Black Bear's Adventure, you already know how awesome the illustrations are. When I share the positive feedback with Lisa and Laura they are so excited and humble while often saying something on the lines of "It's nice to hear that, because you never really can tell if your work is any good or not, or how other's will perceive it" I am paraphrasing.

Then on the same note, I wasn't sure how my book would be received, I didn't expect anyone to show for my first signing, then Sunday I set up a tent at a local farmer's and artisan's market also, not expecting any interest. Both times I was very pleased with the turnout, and I haven't even talked about the Amazon sales. I am quite happy with the interest in this first month of publication.

But, my gloating isn't really the main topic this morning. It's about confidence. The girls were unsure and I was unsure about the talents we had been given. How often do we prejudge ourselves and think less of what we have to offer? We all have been given talents and our talents are like snowflakes, none are alike. It is up to each one of us to figure out what talents God has given us and the confidence to use them in a way that lets his glory shine. No matter how small.

This is a deep topic, I have only scratched the service. But today is filled with appointments, volunteering, and a very special lunch date with my dear friend Dr. Butterfield and his wife. So a deeper exploration will have to wait for another time. Until then I invite you to take your own trip or escapade into your confidence level and ask yourself, "Am I secure in myself to use my talents the way God intended."

Happy Hiking



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