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Happy Hiking Take 2 Teaser #1

Since I have gone into slight hibernation mode and have not been creating any life adventures to share, but still want to post for you, I thought I would send out a teaser for my work in progress (WIP). My first memoire Happy Hiking took 5 years to complete, my second memoire is taking even longer. I don't have a hard release for Happy Hiking Take 2 yet, but I do have a realistic goal of May 2024. So what better way to create some excite than to post teaser blurbs randomly over the next several months. Advance copies may be purchased here on my site to help with self-publishing costs.

The easy part is done - the writing. After three proof-read-throughs, the manuscript has been shipped off to my editor where the real work begins. I wait patiently for Elaine to do her magic. But my work isn't done. I have been enjoying rereading my script to choose chapter photos to be inserted throughout. After three times rereading my memoire before sending it off to my editor, I am still finding mistakes - ugh!!! One cannot do one's own final editing - this blog is proof of that.


That brings me to a sidebar. In school we were taught the importance of having someone check over our work before turning in the final paper no matter what subject. I had the luxury of a having a retired English teacher for a mom and a math wizard for a dad - but even still I didn't take full advantage of those assets. But the lesson driving home was that it's okay and even accepted to seek help, corrections, and even criticism on our school work. But why do we have such a hard time accepting help when it comes to our own character flaws? I just thought of that as I was writing this. Maybe that's a topic for another day. I will leave you to ponder that and continue with HHT2 teaser #1


(Disclaimer - unedited and passages are subject to change)

When we arrived at Sharon’s, her pack was still in the box it was shipped in. March 24 was our start date and as of March 22, she decided it was time to open the box. Most of her gear was that way, brand spanking new with the tags still on. As I was reviewing my notes and photos to write, I came across a video of Sharon. After opening her pack, she decided to test her skill with a lighter. Neither one of us are smokers, so is that a skill one really needs? Probably, if you plan to backcountry multi-month hike. She finally figured it out. I had to chuckle. We are so different. She obviously is the smart one, look at all the time she saved.

    It didn’t matter though, if one of us had spent hours packing and rechecking gear or the other one loaded her pack for the very first time, we both were about to start on a grand adventure together. With our differences set aside, we had a common goal, Katahdin!

So if you haven't read Happy Hiking: Falling In Love on the Appalachian Trail yet, grab your copy today while it's on sale. And if you aren't already signed up for my newsletter you may do that also below so you won't miss any other teasers. 2024 will have new and exciting things for this space. Just like my writing though, the changes won't come fast, but they will come.

As much as I would like to get outside and adventure, the softer side of me says, "Nah, it's too windy and too cold." Instead I will go back to semi-hibernation and continue choosing photos for HHT2.

See you next time.



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