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Let It Be

Photo of Katahdin from our house.

Who likes to stir up trouble? I do! Which is funny because I don't like drama. But I guess the chaos is okay if I cause it. 😂 I don't mean the kind of trouble that causes bad things. I like the dry-witty sense of humor that makes one stop and think or laugh. But there are those types who just can't seem to leave things alone. They must stir the pot.

I was thinking about this the other day while imprisoned in the recliner with a back injury. I couldn't do anything except watch TV and think. I couldn't even read or work on my computer since that placed a strain on my neck which is connected to my back and so on. I don't know what triggered the thought. It's common for my brain to be on overdrive. It's always filled with a multitude of stuff, most useless, but it is always definitely cluttered. Things are always bouncing around in there without any rhyme or reason. So I love it when the stars align and a cohesive thought does surface. Even when I hike, my brain doesn't shut off, it slows down which is pleasant, but it never stops. I even dream in Kodachrome and surround sound.

Let it be repeated in my head for some reason. Then that triggered me to sing the famous tune sung by the Beatles, Let it Be. I spent the next few days with that song resounding in my head. While that was playing in the background, I was also mentally working on a devotional I will be leading on March 25 in Tennessee at the Great Smoky Mountain Outdoor Center. I wrote a devotional called Build Bridges that is published in my As Fresh As Daisies devotional. In brief, it talks about how we should strive to keep relations healthy and not sever them. We should build bridges not burn them. While I was thinking of the song and my devotion, they collided into one galaxy - If we could just let things be then bridges wouldn't be burned.

But we can't can we? We must always poke the bear. We can let sleeping dogs lie. We don't fix things if they ain't broke. In our house, cats rule and if one is on your lap, you can't move until she decides to leave. We don't wake a sleeping baby either do we? We won't even touch things with a ten-foot pole. If you are in my kitchen you know better than to stir the pot. I could go on, but you get the pun.

While all these idioms floated around in harmony with the Beatles in my noggin, in the middle of one chorus, I shouted, "Why can't we let it be"? Still possessed with this song, once I was physically able a couple days later, I googled the song. I learned the song was not written about the Virgin Mary even though the lyrics do have a religious undertone. Paul McCartney wrote this song inspired by his mother Mary. One night McCartney was having an anxiety and delusional attack, he had a dream about his mom who had been dead for some time. She came to him to comfort him, whispering, telling him things will be alright.

It is a beautiful song no matter which way you perceive it, - as a mother comforting her child or as the Mother of Christ being there for us also in our time of need whispering words of wisdom. And what great advice that is to just let things be.

When we are hurt, offended, insulted, or injured by someone, the natural thing to do is to lash out. But in Matthew 5:38-48, Jesus tells how we should respond to such things. In short, he says to turn the other cheek. That's a tall order. It's hard to back down when someone is stirring our pot, poking our bear, kicking our dog. We want to retaliate. With all our might and the strength of God within us, we must do no such thing. We need to listen to our mother and let it be.

I hope you have a fabulous day today, no matter what the weather is in your area, no matter what the storms of life blow your way. I do pray that you can just let it be.



Ps - While we are on the subject of Let it Be, can we please let the clocks be and stop changing them.


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