Ziggy Tails Season Finale: S1 E10

Oh what fun it is to have a Ziggy in the house, on the trail, or wherever I am. He is turning into such a goofball. At our last lesson, Jason, left me with the words, "Relax and just have fun with him." These past few weeks I have taken that to heart along with some advice from another experienced Australian cattle dog owner - learn to laugh.

What a change those few simple words did. He's a puppy and I need to remember that. I tend to forget that just because he knew the commands on one day, doesn't mean he will remember them the next day or even the day after that. But with consistency, he is learning the proper behavior and we are still letting him be a puppy. We are focusing on what we think is most important and letting some stuff slide. It's kind of like life in general, learning to pick and choose our battles. For instance, we are not tolerating his mouthing/nipping, jumping, and or barking. But other behaviors like digging we don't mind, after all, he needs to be a dog. Even if it is in the fire pit after I just spent the day cleaning and washing the floors inside the house. A rinse cycle in the lake will remove any ash before heading back inside. Or if he grabs a poop-chewy from the garden manure, then so be it. I am not going to sprint across the lawn chasing him to get it. His "Leave-it" works great on most things, espcially when hiking in the woods. But those cow patties are just so irresistible. As he