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Ziggy Tails: Sorry Fields Pond S1 E8

Well, I am two weeks behind, almost anyway. If I didn’t write today it would be two weeks late. But what’s new. So, that means I will put out a double header this weekend. After all, I have loads of time as I sit shot gun on this road trip. More on that in S1 E9.

May 17 Prince Ziggy and I took a hike in Orrignton at the Audubon society Fields Pond trails. It was only our second hiking excursion on public land since our first week owning him.

The day was absolutely gorgeous, with blue skies and warm temps. Before heading to the trail, I drowned myself with Deet. Ziggy was already treated with his monthly flea and tick meds. Shortly after entering the woods, We came to a trail that looked new-ish, one I hadn’t seen before so we followed it. I am a curious little hiker.

We followed the path up and up until it ended at a farm where we were greeted by some very social and happy hens. When the ladies heard us they came running from the other side of their corale and clucked softly at us.

Ziggy was quite intrigued. This was a great training opportunity - with a puppy though, every minute is training. We have been working on “Leave It” since he came home. He has been doing great. That day I brought high value treats since we were going someplace knew and knowing there would be interesting distractions, I needed something worth coming back too. At the end of his lead, Ziggy stood watching the birds, not lunging or pulling. I spoke the words loader than normal, “Leave it!” As he turned my way and trotted to my side, I reached into my treat bag. Giggling slightly out loud as I handed him his reward of homemade chicken bits. The irony was too funny for me to keep inside.

The end of the trail was just a few more feet. We could have turned around were we were and not missed a thing, but there was a sign facing the other way that I had (curiosity) to read. The sign welcomed hikers to the Hart Farm trail system and listed the do’s and don’ts, one of those being dogs on a leash were welcomed. Awesome! Done, Ziggy was tethered to me. I continued reading and the sign stated how their trails connected with the Field Pond trail system. Then continuing reading further, it said dogs aren’t allowed on the FP trails. Oh, no!!! I had no idea. I was going from memory and thought dogs were allowed.

I felt really bad. I want to be a responsible dog owner. We pick up after him, we don’t let him be destructive, we working on his training. I don’t want to be one of those dog owners who spoil it for everyone else. We want to follow the rules, but I had to get back to my truck. We hiked faster than normal on our way out. I truly was sorry I was on the trail with Ziggy.

Everyday may be training with a puppy, most days it’s the canine learning. But it goes both ways. Ziggy proved his Leave it skills and I demonstrated my lack of preparedness or my realization that I can’t and should not rely on memory. So, from now on I will be checking guidebooks for dog friendly hikes. If you have a favorite to share, drop a note in the comments and who knows, I may I will write about it.

Happy Hiking,

Emily and Ziggy


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