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Nothing Can Stop Us Now

Day 205 Saturday October 14, 2017 Miles: 2089.5 - 2105.6 Completed: 16.1 Time: 6:04am - 6:48pm Weather: Cool and sunny Tenting in Gulf Hagas Parking Lot Second day slack packing in the 100 mile wilderness. Shortcake and I have it so good with Batman's help. Don't think for one minute we don't have what it takes to do this without his assistance. We've already proven that we do. But it sure is nice to shed what weight when we can from our packs. Maine has interesting names for their peaks. Sometimes a mountain may have a wide base with several distinct peaks. In this case the summits are named the same with an add-on such as South Crocker and North Crocker, or Bigelow Mountain Horn, Bigelow

Black Bear Where Are You?

Day 204 Friday October 13, 2017 Miles: 2078.6 - 2089.5 Completed: 10.9 Time: 6:47am - 4Pm Weather: Sunny and cool Temperatures are consistently getting cooling. They were below freezing again last night. It's a nice relief. Cold nights make for great sleeping and with the aid of air activated hand warmers packing up in the chilly morning is manageable. It was another beautiful day of hiking in the Maine woods. There was water, endless clear blue skies, Hardwood forests, a bit of history. and a finally I was able to capture a photo of a squirrel. They are pesky little critters. They never pause long enough to be caught on camera. I was lucky to get this furry tail even if it is a little b

The Hundred Mile Wilderness

Day 203 Thursday October 12, 2017 Miles: 2066.3 - 2078.6 Completed: 12.3 Time: 6:11am - 4:00pm Weather: Below freezing start, sunny and cool Tenting at Leeman Brook Lean-to We have entered the last major section and probably the most logistically challenging for most thru hikers, The Hundred Mile Wilderness. Shortcake and Black Bear entering the 100 Mile Wilderness. The majority of thru hikers stop in Monson, Maine for one last chance of civilization for rest and resupply. It's where the 100 Mile Wilderness begins. From there until exiting Baxter State Park there are no stores. Hikers must carry all their food for the 100 miles plus another two days (20 miles) worth to get them from the e

Who's Up For Some Moxie

Day 202 Wednesday October 11, 2017 Miles: 2053.3 - 2066.3 Completed: 13 Miles Time: 6:22am - 4:50pm Weather: Sunny, warm, yet cool when stopped If there is one vice in this world I have it's my addiction to Moxie. It's a carbonated beverage popular among Mainers. Moxie is flavored with gentian root extract which is very bitter. It's one of those tastes you either love or despise. I am of the prior. It was first produced around 1876 as a medicine called "Moxie Nerve Food". It became one of the first mass produced soft drinks taking the brand name Moxie which means audacity, adventurous, boldness, daring, and etc. The perfect name for a drink with such pizzaz. Today we summited Moxie Bald, at

Sometimes Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Day 201 Tuesday October 10, 2017 Miles: 2018.6 - 2053.3 Completed: 14.7 Time: 6:15am - 6:15pm Leafed Boards Getting Creative The Trail Lunch Time Just Logging Around Getting Ready To Butt Slide Furry Critters Natural Art Dare To Be Different Happy Hiking.

Timing Is Everything

Day 200 Monday October 9, 2017 Miles: 2034.6 - 2038.6 Completed: 4 Time: 5:00am - 9:40pm Weather: Cloudy, humid and Damp Logdominium room at Northern Outdoors A four mile day is the closest we will come to a day off. We have gone way over budget on time off trail so we are taking full advantage of today with our 4:00am wake-up. Our other incentive was to arrive at the river crossing before any other hikers. The hike was rocky, rooty, and covered with damp leaves. Despite that it was easy and enjoyable. We meandered along streams most of the way. I love water and never tire of seeing, hearing, and feeling it. There's just something about it I find healing. And I seem to need lots of healing

Kaleidoscope Of Colors

Day 188 Sunday October 8, 2017 Miles: 2019.5 - 2034.6. Completed: 15.1 Time: 6:10am - 4:54pm Weather: Cloudy and rainy then cloudy and warm Tented at Pierce Pond Lean-to It would be an understatement to describe the trail as rooty and rocky today. Thanks to no elevation gain we were still able to complete fifteen miles even though the rocks and roots were damp and slick. Today was our first rain since returning to the trail and even that only lasted a short time mid day so we were able to dry off before dark when the temps drop. We have been so blessed with incredible weather. I think we are in peak fall foliage right now. It’s hard to tell looking from within the canopy. I felt like we we

Thank You Myron Avery

Day 198 Saturday October 7, 2017 Miles: 2006.7 - 2019.5 Completed: 12.8 Time: 7:04am - 6:20pm Weather: Cloudy, warm and windy on the peaks Second day in a row I didn't hear my alarm. It's not like me to over sleep. I am so very tired. My body is starting to take over. Every day I have chats with my body parts when they start to act up. I tell them they can't quit yet. We are not done. I promise them there will be spa treatments after the journey is completed. I guess the last two nights my motivational chats were ignored and my bag of bones stole an extra hour of sleep from the hiking day on two consecutive nights. We hiked up and over Bigelow Peaks today. There are several peaks making u

2000 Miles Who Would Have Thunk

Day 197 Friday October 6, 2017 Miles: 1994.3 - 2006.7 Completed: 12.4 Time: 7:15am - 7:15pm Weather: Slight drizzle, cloudy and cool Tenting at Horn's Pond Lean-to First morning start without a headlamp. We didn't need to begin quite so early since we would arrive at our rendezvous spot before Batman. Guess, it was no big deal I over slept. One extra hour sleep is always welcomed. Too bad I couldn't take advantage of it. I don't sleep well at night. I haven't complained much about it here, but since the first week on the trail my right hip and leg have caused me great pain at night while I try to sleep. The pain is bad enough alone but my right arm and hand also give trouble. I am not one

All Is Good

Day 196 Thursday October 5, 2017 Miles: 1982.9 - 1994.3 Completed: 11.4 Time: 6:22am - 3:34pm Weather: Awesomely sunny and cool Tenting at Crocker Cirque Campsite I set out alone this morning wondering when I'd meet up with Shortcake. Sleep was nonexistent last night as I couldn't stop worrying about my friend. I had mixed emotions. I was scared for her well being and I was mad she separated. That wasn't wise to do for either one of our safety. Mixed emotions can be very draining. It's confusing. I was glad an hour or so into the hike I saw her footprint on a board along with a dry tent spot. Now I only had to expend energy on one emotion, anger. I fumed my way until I caught up to her.

No, NO, NO!!!

Day 195 Wednesday October 4, 2017 Miles: 1971.2 - 1982.9 Completed: 11.7 Time: 6:17am - 4pm Weather: Hot and windy Tenting by Oberton Stream It was another lovely hike in Maine today. The morning started out warmer then the past few. It was a sweat through your clothes kind of day then freeze when you stop because it was so windy. That meant lots of time spent adding and removing layers depending on the intensity of the hike at the moment. It's just one of those tedious tasks we must do. Dress warm to start or tough it out until the heart rate gets up. I don't like to tough it out so I dress warm in the morning then about 15 -45 minutes into the hike I need to stop for removal of the firs

My Summit Estimate Is October 20th

Day 194 Tuesday October 3, 2017 Miles: 1956.4 - 1971.2 Completed: 14.8 Time: 6:15am - 5:00pm Weather: Cold start, clear blue skies, cool but nice temps Tented inside Piazza Shelter Big miles today compared to lately. It was nice to start building that average back up. With full packs the easy peasy terrain allowed us to hike with less strain completing more miles. Yes, we need to enjoy ourselves but at this point in time we just want to get this done. My summit estimate based on what I did in 2015 compared to our hiking strength this year is October 20th. That's 17 days away. As long as the weather and our health continue to cooperate we should be able to do that. We are starting to get

It's Not Always Good To Know What's Up Ahead

Day 193 Monday October 2, 2017 Miles: 1943.0 - 1956.4 Completed: 13.4 Time: 6:05am - 6:00pm Weather: Crispy morning warm and beautiful day Stealth camped north of Route 17 near Oquossoc, ME We were able to slackpack today. We love to do that. It is a totally different experience hiking with an empty pack compared to the experience of hiking with a 37 pound monkey on your back. Slackpacking is taboo on the trail with thru hikers. Just like skipping parts of the trail which is known as yellow blazing. Serious thru hikers who consider themselves purists think slackpacking is cheating. I think those people secretly wished they had a Batman of their own to transport their gear ahead. For me,

I Love October

Day 192 Sunday October 1, 2017 Miles: 1932.9 - 1943.0 Completed: 10.1 Time: 6:11am - 3:30pm Weather: Cool start, warm ending Tenting next to South Arm Road There are so many reasons to love October. One of my favorite is the fresh moving air. It's not stuffy but not yet too cold to ache the lungs. That cool October air also creates a fog over bodies of water that is hypnotizing to watch. Another reason I enjoy October is because of the clear, blue skies so often seen this time of year. It's the perfect backdrop for nature's beauty. Even a dead tree has character when set against the vast emptiness of the blue canvas. This first day of October was a primo start to my favorite month. There

We Love Maine

Day 191 Saturday September 30, 2017 Miles: 1922.6 - 1932.9 Completed: 10.3 Time: 6:18am - 3.31pm Weather: Sunny and cool but not cold Maine is so pretty!!! I am not sure if it’s my favorite state because it’s home, if because it’s the last state, or if because it is just truly amazing! The terrain has kicked us in the butt and our first night in here the temps dropped below freezing but we still love this state. The climbs seem to go on and on and the drops are bottomless. There are more rocks here in New England then Pennsylvania ever dreamed of. But we keep going. I feel like I’ve aged 20 years. My body aches all over. When I get done I will visit my Chiropractor's, Dr. Dan and Dr. Rob

Toughest Mile On The Trail - Or Funnest

Day 190 Friday September 29,2017 Miles: 1912.9 - 1922.6 Completed: 9.7 Time: 6:11am - 7pm Weather: Below freezing start Tented at Grafton State Park You should always be careful what you wish for. Two days ago we were dying in the heat and were begging for cooler temps. We got them. I forgot to specify my temperature preference with my request. In life we are often wanting this, or that and when we receive it, or achieve it we wonder why we ever wanted it in the first place. Grass is seldom greener on the other side, it only looks that way. Once you step over the fence to grab the lushness of what you think is better you realize it was just the light tricky you. it's not long before you c

Welcome To Maine - The Way Life Should Be

Day 189 Thursday September 28, 2017 Miles: 1903.3 - 1912.9 Completed: 9.6 Time: 6:13am - 5:18pm Weather: Sunny and cooler Tented IN Gull Goose Shelter Hew Hampshire ushered us out gracefully with one last summit, Mt. Success, a fitting name for our accomplishments. It was a windy undertaking. We were beyond ecstatic to reach the Maine border It was a huge milestone, 13 states down, 1 to go and called for celebration. We invited Captain Morgan along to the festivities at the border sign along with cookies. Batman, Black Bear, Shortcake, and Captain Morgan Maine slapped us in the face for a wake up call. She doesn't fool around. She was rough, tough and rugged right from the get go with ste

Enough Already

Day 188 Wednesday September 27, 2017 Miles: 1891.6 - 1903.3. Completed: 11.7 Time: 6:15am - 5:12pm Weather: 90’s HOT and sunny Stayed in Gentian Shelter Today was the first easy day since we entered New Hampshire. Our climbs were first Mt. Hayes at only 2555 feet, then down a little, then back up to Cascade Mt. at 2642 feet. Considering what our bodies are already conditioned to it was just another day in the park. The heat was not as forgiving. It was in the 90’s. Enough already! It’s fall, where are the cool, crispy temperatures? Water was scarce which made it all the more difficult. We were in conservation mode and running slightly dehydrated. Staying inside the shelter tonight. We usuall

Finding Joy On The Trail

Day 187 Tuesday September 26, 2017 Miles: 1883.5 - 1891.6.   Completed: 8.1 Time: 6:00am 1:40pm Weather: HOT Room at Royalty Inn Gorham, NH Gorham, New Hampshire is a quaint, hiker friendly town. It has just what trail folk need without being overly crowded. There are a couple hostels, several motels, eateries, and resupply stores. We chose a room at a the Royalty Inn over a hostel. By this time I had enough of sharing sleeping quarters and bathrooms with strangers. I prefer my own space. The hike out was a 3,000 foot descent over six miles. The last 2 Miles was sweet which meant most of the down was squeezed into four miles. The end may have been a cakewalk but the morning was not.  I was t

Behind The Eight Ball

Day 186 Monday September 25, 2017 Miles: 1876.3 - 1883.5.   Completed 7.8 Time: 7:00am - 4:40pm Weather: Hot and sunny with some clouds Tented at IMP Shelter and Campsite The climb out of Carter Hut was just as steep as the decent last night. The day was filled with rocky ups and downs.  It was all the more tricky with the added slickness the humidity caused on the rocks. At least the thunderstorms that were predicted never formed. That probably would have been more then we could have handled. Another day with less than ten miles. It’s normal to have your miles shortened when you get to New Hampshire and Maine due to the difficult terrain. It’s to be expected. But with the set back of going


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