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Kitchen Sink Happenings

It’s been another entertaining morning at my kitchen sink window. Doing dishes has never been so much fun. Yesterday I had my daily hummingbird wars, a new nest being built in my fuchsia plant, I watched a set of parent birds feed their babies in a different spot, and a squirrelly visit. Today a beautiful little yellowish bird flew into the window next to the sink. THUNK! “Oh no!” I yelled and rushed onto the porch. Dr. Emmie to the rescue. There it was lying on the cement feet pointing straight up like tiny flag poles. Hoping it was only stunned, I gentle scooped him up, picked all the cobwebs and dirt off him and set him upright on a bucket. I let him be. He is sitting with his eyes closed

Life Has A Way Of Letting You Know What You Need

I’m really struggling with keeping my blog active. Lately I feel I have nothing worth while to say so I don’t. I fear I will bore someone. Is it a lack of self esteem, unworthiness, laziness? Who knows. Whatever the reason it’s unproductive and self-destructive. Several events over the last few weeks have given me gentle reminders of why I write. I’ve never considered myself to be an author of any sort even though I’ve always had a desire to publish something. So I write and I do it from my heart not always with the best grammar or form. There is something inside that pushes me to keep at it, so I do. My most touching reminder was a conversation a coworker called me about that took place at


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